Vadim Ermolaev’s “Miroplast”: socially conscious leader

In 2006, Turkish and Ukrainian investors decided to create a factory in a successful industrial region of Ukraine for the production of PVC profile systems of European quality.

On behalf of Ukraine, the initiator of creating of the factory was a famous philanthropist and investor Vadim Ermolaev, who has proven on a number of occasions that his priority is developing not just a successful but, first of all, a socially conscious business.

That’s how “Miroplast” has occurred. Up to date,  it is the most powerful manufacturer of PVC window profiles, the capacity of the factory is 2,500 tons high-quality material a month.

It’s with good reason that the factory is known for its staff: the plant has its own laboratory, in which all materials are tested, while engineers constantly improve and create new models of profiles, testing it to the limits.

Realizing the value of employees and being aware how important it is to midwife of high-class professionals in their business segment, “Miroplast”, with the support of Vadim Ermolaev, has set up a number of useful initiatives:

— the scholarship program “Miroplast Grant” for talented students;

— the development program for Miroplast Business School employees;

— the education program “Professions Navigator”, which helps the younger generation to come up with a future profession.

These important steps help motivate existing employees and young Ukrainians to work in the field of high technology and develop industry in their home country.

There is no doubt that success, the increase in demand for products and development of the production are closely related to the willingness to invest both in the professional growth of its employees and in the strategic development of the market altogether.

“Miroplast” is one of the manufacturers, thanks to which Dnipro and oblast thrive as a center of industry and advanced technologies. Watch for new programs and initiatives of the company, become part of the process of formation of a new professional culture in Ukraine.

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