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Vadym Yermolaiev’s Dnipropolimermash modernizes Northern GOK’s equipment

Economic news is, first of all, news from large enterprises. Thus, two large plants from the Dnipropetrovsk region agreed to cooperate and implemented a complicated project from a technical point of view.

The Northern Iron Ore Enrichment Works (Northern GOK), the leader in the mining industry from Kryvyi Rih, has invested more than 100 million UAH in the comprehensive maintenance of the pelletizing plant with the use of special machines for loading operations. Dnipropolimermash, a plant whose investor is well-known businessman Vadim Ermolaev, served as an executor.

The main working body of the rotary mechanical shovel “Reclaimer”, which was yet to be modernized, is a bucket wheel. Being under severe strain, the bucket wheel requires a complete replacement even if partially damaged. The production of such a detail (which is 6 meters in diameter) required special technologies.

The detail was made of sheet metal, in particular, steel, and alloy structure steel with the application of unique close control equipment of the plant was used for manufacturing of the tips of bucket edge. Designing engineers and manufacturing technicians of Dnipropolimermash developed the methods and technology of structural reinforcements: at the spots of increased wear abrasion, the structure was reinforced by plated metal sheets taking into account super loads on the bucket wheel and in order to increase its service life. Considering the complicacy of the structural design production, a fine balance has been carried out already in the assembled condition.

All work was executed at its own production facilities on a double-shift basis — the order had to be completed within short timeframes.

Today Dnipropolimermash is a powerful machine-building enterprise not only in Ukraine but also in the CIS.

In 2007, when Vadym Yermolaiev decided to modernize the plant and propel production to the next level, investing in it, Dnipropolimermash began to develop rapidly.

Like other companies of him, Yermolaiev also initiated a large-scale introduction of advanced technologies, which attracted high-profile clients and ambitious projects.

Dnipropolimermash produces machinery for many industries, constantly responding to new market needs. The plant works side by side with leading design and research institutes, as well as conducts constant updating and upgrading of the technological cluster.

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